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Sharing your WHY On Your Website

A common theme I tend to notice with many websites I visit is a lack of information. No, I’m not talking about how to get in touch with the business or even basic services or products. I’m talking about an actual story behind the business.

People that support small businesses like the human connection

One thing that can really help your brand, your website, and your business stand out is sharing your “why” to everyone. What is your “why” you may ask? The simple answer is to tell your story. Who are you and why is this business important to you? That’s the kind of information people like to know about.

Sharing your WHY story makes you and your brand unique

You may offer a service or sell a product that is similar to many other businesses out there. That’s almost a given this day and age. So what can really help you stand out is to figure out what makes you truly unique.

You don’t need to share your whole life story. What you do share can be brief. It may not even need to be all about you. Perhaps there is a special aspect to your service or product that makes you stand out among the competition. 

Using myself as an example

I have recently started working with a business coach (Local Union – they’re great btw) for many reasons. This is a new journey for me. I’m a web developer who struggles to market myself, and to find my niche. As we recently met, I was given some ideas on how to focus my branding a little bit more.

See, there are thousands upon thousands of freelance developers out there, but my passion has been helping new businesses get off the ground. I also love to help established businesses rebuild their websites. However, my focus is on WordPress. I needed to make that known, as I have had some people reach out to me asking for help with platforms I have lesser experience with.

On top of all this, I am learning new ways on how to keep the human connection a big part of my marketing. My personality is very goofy, outgoing, and I try to be engaging. I’m not the generic type of web marketer or developer, and I have no desire to fit into that mold. So, I am always trying to find ways to let my personality shine on my website and on social media as well. 

That human connection has been a bigger part of helping me get new clients vs whenever I post photos or videos of projects I have built. People can hire a developer anywhere, but not every developer will go out of their way to build a close working relationship like I strive to do.

So what is my WHY?

Simple enough, I became a full time web developer because I love it. This business really started out as a means to make some cash during the madness of 2020, but I realized that I never wanted to go back and work for another company. I enjoy helping others bring their dreams to life, and the connections I make along the way. I do this because I love to help people, and I love having the chance to be creative. There are so many agencies out there that will nickel and dime their clients for everything, and it’s important for me to show transparency on what pricing should actually be. Even if someone chooses not to work with me, they’ll at least have an understanding of how things should work.

That is my why. Soon, that will be even more refined, but for now, that’s who I am and that’s why I do what I do.

So don’t be afraid with sharing your WHY

It may take some time to refine, but start to think of a way you can really bring that unique aspect to your website and your business in general. It will help you out in the long run.

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